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If singing is your passion or dancing is in your blood ? You play an instrument or are great at sports ? Or maybe you have a special voice made for radio and voice-over work? But it doesn't stop there: Casting Lux offers opportunities for all kinds of special talent.

Sign-up to be cast and show your special talent in or on events, TV, radio, voice-over & movie production !

Defrayment: Talents typically get around
per day ( depending on your part & project )
Defrayment: depends highly on role and project
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€ / year

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all ages
all cultures

Open for

  • trained & professional actors

Open for

  • models
  • photogenic people

Open for

  • all people with special talent

Background extra definition

background extra is a performer in a film, television or stage production, who appears in a nonspeaking role, usually in the background. Example: people sitting at tables in a restaurant, a group of friends at a party or pedestrians strolling along a busy city street.

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Casting Lux offers you the following features in return for a small solidarity contribution to cover our expenses.

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