Youth Hostels

TheLuxembourg Youth Hostel Association (‘Les Auberges de JeunesseLuxembourgeoises a.s.b.l.’) is a non-profit organisation and memberof the international youth hostel federation ‘HostellingInternational’ which unites over 4.000 hostels in 80 differentcountries.

Inthe Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg you will find a network of nine fullyfurnished youth hostels. This low budget accommodation is locatedeither in new or in thoroughly renovated buildings. Modern, spaciousand fully equipped, the hostels offer quality and high levels ofcomfort. With the quality of their modern facilities and amenitieshoused within their premises, Luxembourg’s youth hostels are ableto host guests of all ages.

Three youth hostels are located in the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’sLittle Switzerland: Beaufort,Echternachand Larochette.

Luxembourg’s Ardennes region is home to two beautifully situated youth hostels:Lultzhausenand Vianden.

The Moselle valley hosts one youth hostel in Remerschen,located in the well-known commune of Schengen.

Hollenfels, another youth hostel, is situated in the Valley of the Seven Castles.

Thenewest hostel is located in Esch-sur-Alzette,the heart of the Red Rock Region of Luxembourg.

Lastbut not least, the youth hostel in Luxembourg-Cityis located in the Pfaffenthal district of the capital.

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