Studio Fränk Weber

STUDIO FRÄNK WEBER offers integrated solutions for both still and moving images, combining shooting, in their proper studio and on location, with sophisticated in-house postproduction and editing capabilities.

For founder Fränk Weber, teamwork is the key to best results, this does not only include his own teammates, but also a network of specialists (model casting, make-up artists, set builders, stylists…) on which he relies to setup the best possible team according to a project’s requirements.

Award winning advertising campaigns are born from the complicity of agency’s art directors and the team of STUDIO FRÄNK WEBER who love the challenge as a mean to progress in a profession that is their passion as well.

“Photo-design probably describes best what we aim to do,” states Fränk Weber, “our ambition is not to apply a style of our own, but to design together with our clients a distinctive photographic style that translates the core values of their brands and becomes an integral part of it.”

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