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Juliette Films is a European film production company based in Luxembourg. It is also the company that controls BAC Films.

BAC Films is one of the leading European Studios for independent film with 550 films released since its creation in 1986, 8 Palmes d’Or and 17 Jury Prizes in Cannes. BAC Films specializes in developing, financing, producing and releasing cutting edge independent films from around the world. In the past, we’ve had the privilege to collaborate with some of the world’s finest filmmakers such as Coen brothers, Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Wim Wenders, and more.

Created by David Grumbach, Juliette Films aims to maximize the potential of qualitative and audience-driven film production. He has distributed, produced and co-produced more than 50 films. Born in Paris, he moved to Luxembourg in 2005 in order to develop, produce and finance feature films. He then bought out BAC FILMS in 2013 to offer a global approach from development to distribution via innovative schemes of financing through equity funds, alongside a strong network of European film companies.

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